Wise Food, Milk Alternative, 120 Servings, MK01-120
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20 yr shelf life · Made in USA · Quality Guaranteed

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120 servings of long-term powdered whey milk. Each individual bucket contains durable mylar pouches of powdered whey milk that can be re-hydrated in a matter of minutes by simply adding water. This product promises to be a nutritious and delicious addition to your Wise Company entrees and breakfasts.

Read the ingrediants. There is more than Milk in the bucket for taste and long term storage.

We store all our survival foods in a temperature controlled storage area.

  • Made in USA:
  • Item #: WiseMK01-120
  • Manufacturer: Wise Food Storage
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MK01-120
  • Condition: New

Wise Food, Milk Alternative, 120 Servings, MK01-120

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